ERTL – camera and test systems

Ertl offers camera systems and test systems for 2D / 3D measurements of components, positioning and robot guidance, surface inspection, lighting systems for high contrast to the workpieces.

Monitoring and testing systems

  • 2D/3D measurements of components
  • Highly accurate measurement of components in industrial environments
  • Testing of components

    Lighting systems

    • Usage of special LED lighting for high contrast
      to the workpiece

    Surface test

    • Industrial inspection of the quality of surfaces
    • Complete development of the operational system
    • Large benefit to customers due to high process reliability

    Positioning and robot control

    • 2D/3D position detection for robot positioning
    • High resolution
    • High process reliability

      The ERTL Plus

      • Fast and process-reliable detection of component positions
      • Interface to the robot
      • High availability in the complete system