This is ERTL – The company philosophy

We realise highly complex systems for many different industries and manufacturing requirements.
But the modernisation of existing systems, automation with state-of-the-art robot technology and development of new technologies are also amongst our strengths.

„Innovation with automation“

Is what our customers demand from us.

Whether discussing new systems or the optimization of existing systems, with ERTL you are making the right choice. A flexible and highly qualified team along with an innovative management department will work hand in hand with you in realizing your vision.  The goals are always to improve quality and to markedly increase environmental efficiency. The foundation of our quality is our workers and their technical know-how.  Our engineers, technicians, and highly trained specialists are supported by experts from a variety of industry branches and fields.  These people make it possible for us to find a perfectly engineered custom concept for your special requirements.

„Made bei ERTL“

All operational processes are made to fit the individual wishes of our customers and are subject to the strictest of controls. Only materials of the highest rating and quality make it into our systems.  This in combination with our quality control system offers a high level of security. Furthermore there is our proven manufacturing process in which all of the components of a system are assembled in our factory and then subjected to rigorous testing. This serves to greatly simplify and shorten the on-site installation process. Modifications and renovations can also be performed during production which further reduces the amount of required downtime. All of these factors lead to ERTL system technology offering both cost effective and reliable solutions in today’s competitive business environment.