The heart of ERTL Automation

Our team of experienced specialists works out new ways in the implementation of customer requirements.

Sales / Management

You want to start a new project, you have an idea and do not know how to go about it and what the whole thing will cost ... here our sales team advises you, what options are available to realize your project.
The sales department will compile a concept and is available for inquiries at any time.

Mechanical construction

By many years expertise of our highly qualified engineers and technicians, we develop the right mechanism for your application. Our mechanical design works with the latest CAD and calculation systems. This allows us to design complex structures.

Electrical construction

A highly qualified electrical engineers team plans all necessary cabling and wiring diagrams for commissioning of a plant and the construction of associated enclosures.
Our innovative software team programmed the matching software for the automation of the plant.


Our purchasing department is responsible for the quality assurance of the purchase of materials needed for our production and to the purchase of components from our partner manufacturers, which always tries the best conditions for you will negotiate.

Production / Assembly

Whether milling, turning, drilling or welding, our production team has mastered all conventional manufacturing methods for the production of machine parts.

Our installation team builds the majority of your plant in our assembly hall and then tests them completely.


The service team takes care of our sites and consists of experts from all internal departments.

Our teams:
- Mechanical Assembly
- Electrical installation
- Software design / development

Project management

If you have concerns regarding the proposed project our qualified team of project managers supports you.

They are your personal contacts and if needed they com to you immediately to advise you.

Our project manager support you throughout the project and coordinate our departments to run your project smoothly.